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Outlined below are examples of some of our keynote offerings. Contact The PEAK Fleet to have us tailor our topics to achieve your event’s objectives.

Topic: Organizational Culture & Employee Engagement

Title: PEAK Values®: The Future of Work begins with People

Speaker(s): Jen Coyne and / or Brian Stinson

Sometimes events and outcomes appear to be foretold by the stars. Such is the case with the creation of The PEAK Fleet in 2016. While their origin story is rather cosmic, co-founders Jennifer Coyne and Brian Stinson came together with a mission grounded in today’s business challenges and with a vision to create a future of work where engaged teams thrive together.

Employee engagement surveys repeatedly show overall numbers for organizations that are under 25%. This translates into a workforce not excited about their jobs, and lost profits and productivity for organizations. In the future, this situation becomes only more extreme as the gig economy and transient work forces create more challenges for maintaining high performing, collaborative teams.

And yet, the solution to creating more attachment and engagement is right before our eyes: it is the desire for human connection and basic values that people are wired for…empathy, authenticity, and kindness, and a persistent attitude to achieve goals.

Jen and Brian take you on an inspirational journey of finding your own PEAK within, and bringing those values to your organization; to raise spirits, engagement, and profits, and create more hope for future outcomes.

Topic: The Future of Work

Title: “The Future of Work: A people-first approach to future success”

Speaker:  Jen Coyne

Summary & Objectives: Millennials.  Self-driving cars.  Internet-of-Everything. These are topics we hear about repeatedly, often with dystopian predictions about the effects they will bring. It isn’t as often that a holistic, systems-based evaluation of these impacts is considered and organizations challenged to aggressively and positively work toward shaping our future beyond a singular entity. This provocative keynote examines future social, technological, business, and governmental policies related to workforce trends. It predicts how the gig economy and its participants will radically change the dynamic and relationship between companies and the individuals they employ to achieve their goals, and how transforming the company/talent relationship will be vital. Providing some critical food for not just thought, but action, Jen Coyne, CEO & co-founder of The PEAK Fleet will challenge you to focus your success on people, and lead to a bright future where individual organizations, individual people, and our greater society can thrive.

Topic:  Collaborative Teams

Title:  “Get a Barn and put on a Show: The Collaborative success of the Global Barn”

Speaker:  Dan Lund, director, independent filmmaker and 27-year Disney Animation veteran

Summary & Objectives: Aria for a Cow is an award-winning animated musical short film

Dan Lund – Director, Aria for a Cow

produced with no studio budget and no employees. By creating a collaborative “Global Barn” fueled on passion for a common goal, Aria producers were able to achieve the seemingly impossible. Examine how people from all talents, locations, and walks of life used technology and new ways of working together to create a film and a family that never should have been. What lessons can be learned when people find value beyond a paycheck in the journey to bring a diva cow and her backup singers to life?

[Includes viewing of the 7 minute film Aria for a Cow]


Topic:  Employee Experience & Innovation

Title:  “If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Inclusion is it’s Sibling”

Speakers: Jen Coyne & George Willis

Summary & Objectives:  Hiring creative and innovative talent is only half the battle. If your organizational environment is not set up for their success, these investments will be wasted. Led by seasoned inventors and innovators, this presentation will help you understand the inventor’s mind, but determine what process, culture, and reward systems changes need to be made to create fertile soil for innovation success.

Topic: Innovation, Leadership, Collaboration

Title: Lessons from the Jazz Ensemble: how teams can thrive through a new way of work

Speaker: Mel Brown, Derek Sims, and supporting musicians

Summary & Objectives: Following orders from the top and competing with one another for that next move ahead is the way of the past. The Future of Work is collaborative and improvisational, and status is based on knowledge, contribution, and level of connection, not just position and power. Forward-thinking leaders know this, and want to shape their organizational cultures to better support this collaborative approach, but lasting change is hard to implement.

This event provides a shining example of how to achieve lasting, engaged & successful collaborative teams. Percussionist Mel Brown

Mel Brown

has been an icon of the Portland, Oregon jazz community since 1973. He has assembled some of the top regional jazz musicians into the groups he has formed. Some of these groups have been together for over 20 years, with Mel as the binding force. And yet, in each of his groups the members have their own place, a respected voice, and leadership roles. With a framework and experience to guide them, but no set lists or rules, the group’s improvisational style is the perfect learning tool for corporate collaborative teams.

During this experience, you will learn how to create your own framework and collaborative leadership practice. You’ll learn from Mel and his group members how to create a culture that sustains successful improvisational and collaborative groups. And you might just learn and appreciate jazz music a bit more in this enriching, action-oriented, and inspiring presentation.