Leadership Events

Strategic Approach | Fresh Content | Purposeful Design

The PEAK Fleet delivers Leadership Events which ensures attendees go on a journey during your event which builds excitement, understanding, enlistment & action.

In order to substantially meet a conference’s goals, the event must be purposefully designed for both intellectual and emotional connection.

As part of a corporate event planning engagement, we will partner with your team to understand the strategic objectives for the event. We will use a data-based approach to understanding your audience in order to insert the right emotional connection elements within the program to give it credibility to the audience and gain attachment.

We partner on development of a themed agenda which progresses throughout to build a basis for excitement, enlistment and action from the attendees.  The topics, content, talent and activities within the agenda will be knitted together to create cohesiveness and momentum.

Once an agenda is outlined, content and talent will be sourced within your budget constraints.

We stay with you through to successful completion of your event: reviewing and editing content and preparing speakers with an eye to ensure that the flow and progression of the event will successfully lead to meeting its goals.

PEAK Fleet Corporate Event Planning